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Largest tree in Greenbelt Forest Preserve, a tulip poplar
Largest tree in Greenbelt forest preserve, a tulip poplarGreat Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Hermit Thrush
Hermit Thrush
Song Sparrow
Song Sparrow
Pielated Woodpecker
Pielated Woodpecker

Wood frog
Rana sylvatica, Wood Frog
Spring Peeper
Pseudacris crucifer, Spring Peeper
Eastern Cricket Frog
Acris crepitans, Northern Cricket Frog
American Toad
Bufo americanus, American Toad

Beaverdam Creek Watershed Watch Group
Announcements & Upcoming Events

Beaver Dam

A beaver dam on Beaver Dam Creek. Who'da thunk it?

Tree Planting Event
On USDA Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC)

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time: 9:00 am - Noon
Place: Center Rd. Parking Lot - Off Powder Mill Rd. (see flyer)

Come plant trees in the Beaverdam Creek watershed!
Help the environment and our watershed by planting trees.
We will be planting more than 100 native trees and shrubs. Help the watershed and environment! Earn community service hours! Holes will be pre-dug. No experience necessary.
This event is brought to you by the Maryland-Washington Council of Governments and the Anacostia Citizens Advisory Committee.
Please RSVP to Aubin Maynard at amaynard@mwcog.org, or call (202)962-3233
Download the Flyer.